Stellis Recruiting Approach

Since 2006, Stellis has specialized in the recruitment of technology sales professionals; from Executive leadership to individual contributors (sales and presales). Having extensive technology sales backgrounds - we are not just recruiters - we've been in your shoes and we take time to thoroughly understand you - your business, culture, critical success factors, and your industry.

Our primary technology focus is in [Data & Marketing] Analytics, Storage, Cloud, Mobile, Infrastructure and Security. We have hands-on experience with, and cater to both the Government and Commercial Marketplaces.

Stellis is a different type of recruiting firm

While unfortunately many recruiters can be “paper pushers”, throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks, and very transactional, Stellis focuses on being thorough, relationship and sales experts, partners to our clients and candidates, and focused on delivering high value for long term mutual success. This enables us to be passionate about what we do and who we represent. We understand that while time is important, getting it right is paramount when it comes to hiring and careers. 

Understanding our companies and hiring managers

We dive deep to understand culture, what makes a top performer succeed at this particular company-what characteristics and traits they possess, and perhaps understanding the same of someone who was not successful there. We find out what makes your company great, your competitive landscape in the market. We uncover your “hot buttons”- what’s most important to you in a top performer, so we can only introduce strongly qualified candidates, and ultimately set all parties up for success. This all results in preparing us to represent our clients with knowledge, passion and conviction - which is critical to find top talent, especially in today’s market.

Understanding our candidates

Not just on resume keywords but really understanding who you are, what makes you tick, what’s great about you. We uncover innate characteristics, rather than only putting focus on where someone worked in the past. We understand that a top performer who possesses certain innate characteristics, who can weather any storm and stay positive and focused on achieving the goal, will be successful in many places. Those are the people we’d hire, and the candidates we represent. Once we realize we’re working with a top performer, we spend time coaching you to highlight which characteristics, abilities, and experiences/accomplishments the hiring managers are interested in hearing most about. This is one reason why our candidates “stick” and thrive for a long time.


Sales experts, relationship builders, coaches and consultants

Professional match-makers so-to-speak. What we are not is a “resume shop”. We help our clients build their sales and presales teams with top performers.

Time is valuable

We understand that hiring managers do not have the extreme amount of time that our thorough process takes. [We are often told that] unfortunately many recruiters spend most of their time only posting jobs and “responding to applicants”, resulting in providing hiring managers unqualified candidates for them to spend time sifting through and qualifying themselves. We understand that hiring managers do not have time for this, it’s counterproductive, leads to frustration, and takes away from their core focus of leadership in their organization. And it offers no value. And this approach does no favors for Candidates either.

Proactive vs reactive 

We are proactive and use our expertise and network to seek out those best candidates – this is a critical difference to find top talent/fit. We work tirelessly to qualify, and coach candidates up front, before our hiring managers ever see them submitted. This saves the hiring manager a lot of time sifting through resumes, trying to qualify candidates. And it prepares both sides to have productive interaction. 

Strong qualification skills = SUCCESS

When our clients/hiring managers see a candidate from Stellis, they are assured that our candidate is strongly qualified, that evaluating them will be a great use of their time. We spell out on every candidate submittal, why this is the case, based on our research and time spent qualifying and coaching our clients and candidates. As a result our clients will typically only see 1-3 strongly qualified candidates per position from Stellis, vs. 10-20+ “resumes” from other recruiting methods. This Stellis practice is time saving, low-risk, impactful and valuable, and it leads to long-term mutual fit and success.