Tired of working with recruiters that don't know their clients requirements, opportunity and culture? Tired of not getting timely responses from hiring companies? Tired of working with recruiters that can't offer you a high-level of value and coaching? Do you feel like a number, one of many, not special?

Working with the right recruiter can make or break your next career move. Having a great recruiter in your network is key to your success, be it today or years down the road. Working with the wrong recruiter(s) can cause stress, frustration and missed opportunity.

The key is having the right expectations, being realistic and knowing how to vet out a great recruiter from the industry standard. 

Being a sales professional, it's no different than qualifying your prospects when determining where you want to spend your time, where you can provide the most value and the best solution to your prospects problem. 

Don’t be afraid to qualify or interview your recruiter before working with them. Don’t just jump because they appear to have an opportunity to look at. Would you invest your time if you knew it could potentially be wasteful in the end, or worse off damage your career?

Expect a great recruiter to be no different than your clients expect from you. This is what you should expect from the best recruiters, and what you will experience with Stellis: 

  • True knowledge of your industry- ask questions; ask about the recruiter’s background. Is “recruiting” for an industry the same as being in your shoes, having lived it through your eyes as a sales pro? We think not.

  • Do they really understand their client (your potential employer); do they have great rapport and credibility with their client? How can they add value if not? How can their solution (you) be put at the top for consideration?

  • Do they truly understand the opportunities they are representing, or are they simply reading you a job description? 

  • Can you extract value from them in your profession? Can you learn something from them, are they coaching you – or are they simply a “middle-man.” If the latter, you can expect your potential hiring company feels the same about them, and as a result may feel the same about candidates (you) they submit. 

  • Will they go the extra mile for you? Would they take time to provide guidance on your career, coach you to set you up for success? Strategize with you? Negotiate for you?  Spend extra time on phone calls and conversations with you? Or are they just too busy? Watch out for this, this is an indication of the traditional “transactional, mud-up-against-the-wall” scenario that you do not want part of. But be realistic, don't expect a recruiter to spend a day doing your job for you without you showing commitment in return. 

  • Do they truly and thoroughly prepare you for each step of your process? Do they invest in you?  Will they just take a simple "no" for an answer from a potential hiring company on your behalf, or do they have a good enough relationship and credibility to gather pointed, feedback that you can understand and potentially learn from?

  • After you land, do they follow up with you? Check in with you? See how things are going for you, or only to try to rip you out of your current role for another “placement” somewhere else? 

Have realistic expectations with recruiters. Expect them to do what they say they will, owning their commitments to you. Be open and honest in return.  Finding the right recruiter-candidate relationship can last for years, and add value well outside that one job opportunity today.

Candidate Recruiting

 “Craig is an excellent recruiter. He excels at matching the right person and skills to the position. He is easy to work with and always does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. His expertise in the field allows him to provide guidance that is "right on" with what the hiring company is looking for. I would definitely want to work with Stellis again when looking for a new career.”

“I have been in hi tech sales for over 20 years. Craig is the single most professional recruiter that I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, persistent, knowledgeable, courteous and punctual. Stellis receives an unqualified endorsement from me.” 

“Craig is the consummate professional recruiter. He uses equal parts of real world experience as a computer sales professional and executive recruiter to match candidate to opportunity. Craig is relentless yet patient when pursuing the attention of key hiring managers. In my case, Craig was able to facilitate the hiring process from first phone interview to offer-in-hand in less than a week. I highly recommend Craig’s engagement for your next executive search.”

“The essence is a trusted advisor is being good at what you do and having a network of resources to help. Craig has both of these key qualities. He is excellent at what he does and has a great network of folks to leverage. Craig is definately one of those people you should know!”