Hiring Leaders

Are you tired of getting "blasted" with resumes, or unqualified, mediocre candidates? Tired of people in your process not clearly understanding your requirements, what a strong fit looks like in your organization, or keenly understanding and being able to communicate with passion and conviction what makes your organization attractive to top performers?

Stellis is a different and refreshing sales recruiting experience

You have a lot of recruiting options available to you, both externally and internally. We have an obligation to you as our client & business partner; you invest a lot and expect high value from your recruiter. 


We understand you are not paying for a recruiter to throw you 25 resumes and expecting you to essentially become a recruiter yourself. That holds no value. You don't have the time, yet you need to be able to trust that the top 3 stellar candidates that your recruiter is providing you - are 3 of the best available athletes on the market at the moment, for your environment. You want to know that your recruiter is a subject matter expert, that they have networked, screened, and interviewed many candidates to find you the best. You need to know that they truly have the experience directly in your shoes, to be able to successfully pull this off – properly. 


Anyone can interview, but do they know how? Are they extracting the information that is critical to success? Do they know what success means to you and your business? 

These are some of the differentiators and unique value Stellis brings to our clients. 

You want to be sure when you agree to put time aside to engage in an interview process, that you are making great use of your busy schedule. 

You want to make sure you are mitigating risk in your hiring decision and that the pressure is not on you alone to ensure that you're adding a top quality sales professional to your team.

You also want to know that your recruiter is professionally representing you and your organization, and speaking about your company with passion and conviction! How else do you find top talent? And how does one do this if they’ve never been in your shoes, and if they don't take the time to understand you, and your organization? 

Are your recruiters asking you the right questions to obtain this information? In order to do this, your recruiter needs to deeply understand your business, marketplace, and what keeps you up at night. No different than your sales execs need to understand their prospects & customers in order to provide them the best solutions.

Stellis is committed to providing our clients with unparalleled value and long term partnerships by leveraging our experience, success, professionalism and passion. Based on consistent client, and candidate feedback, we are confident we will open your eyes to a new, value-added, high-impact hiring experience today and into the future, in your backyard and when you have needs across the country. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our contingent or retained engagement options, based on your requirements, timeframe, expectations and commitment level. 

Let's partner together for long term success! Let us show you how Stellis brings this success to our clients, why we are a true partner - an extension of your company, and why our clients feel we're a breath of fresh air!